Property management : high end, customized and hands-on services!

Renting an apartment, managing the relationship and the follow-up with the tenant, dealing with the administrative tasks, managing financial flows, handling operational contingencies (i.e. water damage) require both time and energy.

Because of lack of time, distance, or choosing to rely on a qualified professional, some owners prefer handing these activities over to an administrator.

Some tenants (especially expats or employees accommodated by their company) feel more comfortable with an English-speaking professional who is familiar with the legal aspects and can rapidly take action.

Our approach: "hands-on" and responsive

Here are just a few reasons for you to make this choice:

What exactly is Property Management?
Our role is to guarantee a perfect financial, administrative and operational management of the property.

We take responsibility for the entire rental process:
  • We draft the leases, organize the signature, prepare and perform the inventory of fixtures (entrance and exit);
  • We organize and conduct small enhancements on owner's or tenant's request (provided the owner agrees);
  • We answer any question the tenant may have regarding the apartment (i.e. household appliances operating);
On financial and administrative aspects:
  • We call and collect the rents, recover and transfer the amounts due to the owner
  • We issue the rent receipts
  • We cash and refund the tenant's safety deposit and withhold justified amounts
  • We pay all contractors' bills on your behalf (locksmith, plumber...) for repairs or enhancements (upon owner's agreement)
  • We pay co-property charges
  • We prepare the rental income and expense report for the tax return
On operational aspects :
  • We ensure heating, gas, electricity, water installations are properly maintained
  • We handle all unexpected events prone to impair the apartment's comfort or value (water damage, home appliance or sanitation failure...). In the case of tenant's responsibility, we provide him with all necessary information and assistance if necessary
  • We request quotations for repairs on owner's behalf and submit them for agreement
  • We provide our network of reliable, efficient and reasonably priced contractors (plumbers, painters, electricians, locksmiths...);
  • We offer assistance to fill out insurance claims
  • We ensure a smooth and honest communication between parties for problem solving
How does EIFFEL HOUSING differ from other property management companies?
We find most owners are not satisfied with their property managers' services. Many operate « industrially » and spend too little time and attention in providing an acceptable level of service to their customers.

« We manage properties as if they were our own » is our motto.

We strive to provide all-time high service by our proactive and interventionist approach. This enables to maintain a high occupation rate and maintain apartments in perfect condition. In return we have a very high rate of customer satisfaction.

As promised, here's how we make a difference:

We voluntarily take an interventionist approach for the properties we manage: regular contacts with tenants and owners, suggestions on enhancements to increase rental value, rapid problem solving, anticipation of lease termination to minimize vacancy.

In the case of an unexpected event, we proceed rapidly thanks to our network of reactive, qualified and reasonably priced contractors. We ensure follow-up until the problem is completely solved;

Our fees are competitive, transparent, with no hidden costs. Many property managers offer an attractive facial fee failing to mention some services, even basic, are not included and at an extra charge;

We handle all the administrative tasks you wish to delegate. Each year we send a report for your tax return and can advise you on the most favorable tax plan according to your situation.

Keep in mind
In addition to saving time by delegating the operational and administrative tasks, property management adopts an « insurance-based » logic. Our approach focuses on protecting the assets (and its underlying performance) by rapid problem solving (disputes, damage, unexpected events impacting the use of the property) and by relying on our expertise and the contractors we work with regularly.
What is the cost for property management?

Property management based on our hands-on approach and rigorous follow-up is time consuming. Our management fees range between 7 and 8.3% (tax not included) of the rent.

Our fees are tax-deductible.

A significant discount on our rental fees is applicable for properties we ensure management for.

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