F.A.Q. Tenants
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1. How rent an apartment through EIFFEL HOUSING?

You can contact us by phone (0184257330), by email (info@eiffelhousing.com) or by filling in the form on our website specifying the apartment you are considering and the basic information regarding your profile.

Generally within one working day we will let you know which documents need to be provided according to your situation.

2. For how long can I rent an apartment through EIFFEL HOUSING?

EIFFEL HOUSING specializes in long term leases for both furnished and unfurnished apartments.

- One year leases for furnished apartments
- Three year leases renewable by tacit agreement for unfurnished apartments

For company paid accommodations and secondary residences, both parties can freely agree on their duration and conditions for renewal.

3. As a liberal professional, may I receive customers in the apartment?

Unless mentioned otherwise, our apartments are for residential purposes.

Practicing a liberal profession on the premises is subject to owner's approval and must comply with condominium rules.

4. As a tenant what are my obligations?

Upon keys handover, you will need to provide a home insurance certificate.

- Pay your rent at the beginning of each month conforming with the notice you receive
- Subscribe and provide a copy of the boiler maintenance contract (if applicable)
- Transfer gas and electricity contracts to your name (if applicable)
- Take good care of the apartment, maintain and repair what is under your responsibility (see D section)
- Occupy the property quietly, without disturbance for other residents

5. What documents must I provide to rent an apartment?

If your company is signing the lease:
- Copy of the certificate of incorporation (dated less than 3 months)
- Copy of ID of the company's legal representative
- Copy of the future tenant's ID
- Copy of the three last tax returns (for unlisted companies)
- Bank account identification

If you are an individual employee:
- Copy of your ID
- Three last pay-slips
- Company certification
- Last tax return
- Three last rent receipts (previous lease)
- Copy of your property tax (if you owned your previous residence)
- Bank account identification

If you are a Liberal Professional:
- Copy of your ID
- Copy of your two last tax returns
- Copy of your certificate of incorporation or equivalent
- Bank account identification

Terminating the lease
6. What is the period of notice?

As a tenant you are free to terminate the lease whenever you wish providing you send the owner or EIFFEL HOUSING (in case we manage the property) a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

A one month notice begins upon the date of reception, period during which your rent is due.

7. Can the owner terminate the lease?

The owner must give you 6 months notice before lease expiration for an unfurnished apartment or 3 months for a furnished one. Termination must be notified by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt respecting the appropriate period of notice.

If none of the parties give notice, the lease is tacitly renewed under the same conditions as initially signed.

For company paid accommodations and secondary residences, please refer to the terms of the lease.

Rental costs
8. What are the rental fees?

For a main residence fees comply with the ALUR regulation: 15€ tax included/sq.m. This includes 12€/sq.m for the visits, compiling the file, drafting the lease and 3€/sq.m for the inventory of fixtures upon entrance.

For a company paid accommodation, a “pied a terre” or a secondary residence, fees are 1.5 month's rent tax not included.

For a lease shorter than a year, fees are 75% of a month's rent tax not included.

9. What are the additional rental costs?

The rent includes co-property charges (heating if collective, elevator, common area maintenance, caretaker service...)

As a tenant and unless mentioned the following are at your expense and paid directly to the provider:
- Electricity
- Gas and boiler maintenance (if applicable)
- Internet access (if not included)
- Council tax (if you are occupant on January 1st)
- Garbage collection tax (pro rata)

10. Is Internet included in the rent for furnished apartments?

It depends on the owner. Some include it, some don't. When included, the contract is in the owner's name.

11. Why a security deposit? What is the amount?

The security deposit is of:
One month's rent (rental costs not included) for an unfurnished apartment
Two month's rent (rental costs not included) for a furnished apartment

The security deposit is cashed by the owner or the agency then refunded within the legal deadline (one or two months following exit).

The security deposit guarantees the apartment from any defects or damage and covers cleaning or repairs left undone by the tenant. It is due upon signing the lease.

Issues during rental period
12. Who should I contact in the event of a problem?

If EIFFEL HOUSING is managing the apartment, we act on behalf of the owner and we are your point of contact.

If not, you will need to contact the owner directly.

13. Who is responsible for the repairs in the apartment?

The allocation of responsibilities between tenants and owners is defined by the list of rental repairs fixed by the August 1987 ministerial decree. The list is annexed to the lease.

In case the repair is owner's responsibility and providing EIFFEL HOUSING is managing the property, we will make all the necessary arrangements for the repair.

14. What should be done in case of a damage?

In the event of a damage (e.g. flood...) EIFFEL HOUSING or the owner should immediately be informed and you must issue a claim at your home insurance.

In case the problem is owner's responsibility and providing EIFFEL HOUSING is managing the property, we will make all the necessary arrangements to solve it.

15. Can you help me solve a problem that is of my responsibility?

If you are in charge of solving a problem and need help we will be glad to assist you. The flat fee is 50€ tax included and 60€/hour tax included.

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